Chef Alex Mantoglou was born in Athens , Greece and he is of Greek and Danish origins. He grew up in Athens and started cooking at a very young age by preparing family meals at home.


His family owns and operates two hotels on the Greek islands. Therefore he has been in the hotel and restaurant industry from a relatively young age. Although he entered the restaurant industry before he got any official culinary training, he quickly caught up and now is the Chef of two fine dining restaurants on Samos island.


After his intensive training in Italy by a team of the most reputable chefs, he focused in developing fine dining plates utilising humble ingredients in the spirit of the “cucina povera”. His cooking style can be characterised as Mediterranean with strong influences from the Greek and Italian regional cuisines and his main interests are around seasonal sustainable food produce and fish.


As an Environmental Engineer he is also interested in new technologies for food production and the utilization of arid land for farming.
He uses olive oil for everything – even for the most delicate desserts!